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Shopping success

So minnehaha-K and I went shopping yesterday. The goal was to pick out eyeglasses frames for me and to have K finish some of the holiday shopping she still had to do. I was pleased with our progress (though the mall beat us into submission before all of K's shopping was done).

The eyeglass frame shopping was a complete success. Such a more pleasant process having someone that can say, "Try these." And, "That's OK." And especially, "No. What was I thinking?" We went through the racks and found stacks of frames that were at least OK. Then we sorted by size gave them the quick run-through second look and came up with an "A" list and "B" list as well as a few we like for style but that didn't fit quite right.

We discovered that the "A" list was, in fact, two different frames. The five examples were just variations in color and size of those two frames. A quick consult with an employee of the shop and we settled on one frame style. Then a judgment call for color: did I want to have glasses that kind of disappeared into my complexion or ones that said, "I'm wearing glasses?" I opted for the former.

The style we picked out are close to this though not exactly. They are significantly smaller lenses than I have now, which will also reduce the thickness of my lenses. The color I went with is called something "taupe," which is the first time I'll have non-silver frames since I was in high school.

So now, I'll schedule an eye exam, get my prescription and pick up new glasses. Given my flex spending account at work, I'll wait a couple of months. That'll let me build up some money in the account. Then I'll use Lenscrafter's "90-days same as cash" policy to stretch the time I need to get reimbursed in to the point where I'll have enough to pay for the glasses in the account before I need to be reimbursed. When it's all said and done, I should have new glasses before Spring!

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