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What the heck is this?

I've got work to do. On a Friday. On the Friday before Christmas.

Speculation around the office is that various folks are trying to clear off their desks before the holidays so we've got a small rush of work. And here I expected to have time to work on my screenplay tonight. Ah, well, they're paying me, I guess it's the least I can do.

I remember the social function I was supposed to be doing this weekend. This Saturday is "Cookie Day." In Ericka's family (and, she's convinced, world-wide) the Saturday before Christmas is given over to baking and decorating cookies. We were going to attend her family's gathering this year, but that would mean driving down Friday afternoon and I couldn't get the night off work. (Too many other folks had it off already.)

So I've got time to do some other things this weekend. Might get in the eyeglass shopping I'm wanting to do. While I have a price-range, I still want to find frames that I like. Right now, I'm leaning toward something frameless like this or this. I'm open to options, however, and want to explore with someone that a) can see my face when I'm not wearing prescription lenses and b) has decent taste. My friend minnehahaK has volunteered, so we'll have to coordinate.

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