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Tuesday, Ericka was down with a flu thing, feeling particularly miserable. She was being cutely helpless and I took off work to take care of her. She felt bad that she was going to miss the midnight showing of The Two Towers, so she made me go off to see it. Didn't have to twist my arm too hard.

I enjoyed the movie quite a bit. The various liberties Jackson took with the story didn't annoy me and a lot of the visual aspects of the story worked very well. They hit all the parts of the book that I remembered and wanted to see and did them fairly well.

Wednesday, I started the day with a sore throat. Fearing that I'd come down with the miserable thing Ericka fought off on Tuesday, I took homeopathic remedies, drank half a gallon of orange juice and lots of other liquids, and rested a lot. Good thing that was my day off work or I'd have taken another sick day. It was also nice to have our friends' dogs visiting so I had nice, snuggly pups to keep me warm in bed all day.

I'll have to get out and do something before the week is over. Probably go and see The Two Towers again. I'm feeling a bit stir-crazy and stuck in the house. It doesn't help that it snowed a bit today, bringing on the spectre of Winter when it will be more work to go outside than it's worth. Reminds me I need to get my oil changed. Way overdue on that.

Work has been fairly constant today. I think that having everyone cut back hours has meant that there's more work to go around. This is part of a good thing, though it would be better if there was more work and 40 hours a week worth of pay.

Ericka got our holiday cards off in the mail this week. I did my part by signing and matching with envelopes. She cares a lot more about cards than I do, selecting particular ones out of the stacks of different ones we have for particular people. Can't have ones that are too Xmasy for our pagan friends or to Solsticey for certain members of her family. I don't get it. I would pick a card style for the year and send them out, perhaps with a pre-printed note of the year's highlights to people I wanted to celebrate. No signing, addresses from database to labels, stamped en-masse. Probably 20 minutes of work. I suspect this would cause Ericka to blather incredulously so I let her do it the way she likes.

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