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And so it begins...

The holiday season got into full swing for me tonight. The Source, a local games and comic store, had its annual holiday party. They are located right next to a Ciatti's in the middle ground between Minneapolis and St. Paul and give them a lot of patronage over the course of the year. So Ciatti's goes all out in throwing them a holiday party.

Bob, the manager of the Source and partner in Adventure Retail, Inc., which owns it, pays the tab and makes sure everyone as a good time. The menu is always lovely and includes copious appetizers. The crowd fills two rooms of the restaurant and includes the general rowdiness that comes with gatherings of gamers.

So we've got booze a-flowing, Bob encouraging everyone to order the sirloin special because he wants to see if the Ciatti's manager can keep his promise to not run out of steak this year, friends a-plenty catching up and having fun. In the middle of things Bob and crew distribute awards to employees because, this year, The Source won the Eisner award for excellence in comics retailing. The high point was when Jerry, Bob's partner, dropped one of the replica awards and it came apart from its base. It was the award for, of course, our friend "Super" Dave Wheeler, for whom the universe seems to have a penchant of dealing rough times to and who maintains a generally positive demeanor despite it all.

I had the sirloin, medium rare, with baked potato and salad. Only got in three beers before I had to get on my way and get to work. So no real beer buzz left by the time I got here but plenty of dense chocolate cake to fill out the crannies and warm remembrances of another holiday season started well.

Tomorrow, Bob hosts a midnight showing of LoTRII. I have to work or would be going to that. I'll have to satisfy myself with a showing first thing on Wednesday.

I'm thinking that I have a party to attend this weekend, but don't recall the specifics. Guess I'll just surprise myself.

Next week is Christmas itself. My friends minnehaha are hosting a thing that I'll be attending.

The following week, of course, is New Year's. There's a local party for that as well.

I'll have to track down the 12th Night party that happens just after New Year's, that's always a good time.

And then the pool party that appears to be shooting for the middle of January.

It's a social butterfly's dream, I guess.

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