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Ending the long night

At least there was plenty of work all evening. A chunk of what I had to do put undue repetitive stress on my right wrist so I'm taking a break by typing here rather than doing the repeated cursor moving that caused the ache.

A nice chunk of work on the board for Monday due times and a few for Saturday as well. Looks like the people working the weekend will have plenty to take care of. Hopefully, this level of work will be what passes for normal after the holidays. I'd think the cut-back in hours would end if that's the case.

In other news, I'm really liking working on my screenplay. I've gone back and rewritten some parts, making them more clear to me (and, therefore, anyone who reads it, most likely). I'm thinking I'll wrap up that batch that I've got done and sent it off to my friends Jeff and John for their comment.

The main thing that I'm liking about this project is that the overall plot structure leapt into my head in big chunks. When writing other fiction I often come up with cool characters and cool settings. The action doesn't come together very often, though. Or if it does, it comes in short spurts that make short scenes but not stories of any kind. (Not even short-shorts like Manly Wade Wellman writes.)

So while I've only got the beginning of this story fleshed out, the rest is outlined fairly nicely and, reading through it, I can see how the flow will take advantage of the format. A spot of down-time in one location is covered by cutting over to another location and action happening there. Hmm. I wonder if watching "24" has helped stimulate this kind of thing too. Lot of that last technique in that series.

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