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Pissy idiots

So it seems my author, having already sent me a message "not threatening" to quit the writing project I'm editing because he's unhappy with my cuts, has passed this message on to the line editor who then passed it on to the president of the company. Said president sent me email asking what the deal is and suggesting that, given how long this has taken, that maybe turning it over to the line editor to finish would be a good idea.

I ask the author to provide more detail for his characters. He focuses, not on what I've asked him to do, but on what has been cut from his precious manuscript. When I get more insistent, he throws up his hands and cries to daddy that he can't work with this monster.

(In all fairness, I have called the bits I cut "boring" and likened some of his characters to cardboard cut-outs.)

At this point, I'm very much in the mood to let the thing go. Not having to read another word of this guy's crap would be a great burden off my mind.

I have enough of a work ethic, however, to want to finish it. I also think that a change in editors will not make a difference. The book is supposed to be about 64,000 words (or 72k, I forget). 42,000 are finished and, if he did what I asked, the character bits would add another 18,000. Then one more chapter that is already outlined and has about 2,000 words cut from other places in it and we're done.

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