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Holiday slowdown

Work is predictably slow. The most urgent piece of work isn't due until 5:00 am on Friday. I put a job due 9:00 am Friday in for Quality Check a bit ago and will likely get it off the list tonight. Nothing scheduled for the weekend. A few Monday dues on the list. Looks like Friday will be even more dull for yours truly.

So I've been poking 'round the web looking for information on film stuff. Found some interesting essays. Haven't found any tutorials for creating special effects like I'd hoped. Well, that's not to say there aren't tutorials for creating film effects out there, but they are all about how to create digital effects. I'm looking for low-tech, physical effects. What's a recipe for good fake blood? What techniques work best for filming particular types of scenes? That sort of thing. None found so far. (Though it occurs to me now that I should google of "fake blood recipe" rather than "horror special effects.")

I've got the TiVo warmed up for a bit of holiday viewing tomorrow. Bravo is doing a circus thing with many Cirque d'Soleil performances. That'll be cool. Also found a few interesting movies. I'll be getting Netflix delivery on Friday so that and any weekend marathons should get me through with sufficient entertainment. I'll have to run over to to see what Laurel recommends. She always finds something I've missed.

I'll probably get some writing in at work tonight, given that things are so slow. There may also be further journal updates as I think out loud.

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