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And I'm not asleep why?

I blame it on napping during various movies last night. then a bout of early-morning reading and writing that were fun. Got through my friend John's screenplay in a blaze of bloody action. Fun stuff. That got me going and I got in a few good bits of my own screenplay. (Thanks for the suspension of disbelief responses. They seem to largely confirm my own thinking.) Got some more info on two of the characters fleshed out as well as the relationship between the villain and hero. The latter makes me particularly happy as I hadn't discovered why the villain had just a hate-on for our hero yet. Not to mention that if he did, why is our hero still alive?

Worked on some chops a bit by writing out an action scene. Took less space than the non-action scenes I'd worked on so far, which surprised me. A few more ideas are percolating in the back of my brain. I can feel them stirring around back there so it's just a matter of time before they pop out.

Well, I think I'll rustle up some food, check the mail and watch some TV. That'll likely get me some good dozing in, particularly if the cat cooperates and snuggles up on my chest.

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