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Sleepy days

For the last few weeks, I've embarked on an unusual sleeping pattern. I get home, have my Cheerios, let the dog out, make sure Ericka gets her morning meds, brush my teeth and get to bed by about 8:00 a.m. I might read a bit or play a bit of solitaire to lull myself to sleep and slip on headphones to play some relaxing music and mask out the typical house noises. When I finally start drifting off, I put on my sleep mask to keep out the light.

Then I wake up somewhere between 10:30 and noon. Not my idea of a good night's sleep.

So, being up, I putter about the house, watch some TV, eat a sandwich or two, check mail & LJ, get some writing in.

Sometime after 5:00 p.m. I crash on the couch. When exactly depends on what's on the faithful TiVo. A Buffy episode I stay awake for. Nova or a mediocre movie, I doze of during. Thursday nights there's often nothing I like watching so I leave it off. I sleep until 9-10:30, wrap things up and head off to get to work by 11:00 p.m.

I think that I'm getting less sleep than I need this way and wonder if the changing of the seasons is throwing off my interal rhythms. I'll have to try harder to stay on a "regular" schedule this weekend and see how it goes. Maybe just staying in bed during those times that I'm supposed to be asleep will help. Might also take my Ritalin on the late Saturday and Sunday nights to keep from naps in the middle of the night.

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