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Progress and steps

Signed the disclosure forms for refinancing my mortgage today. The longer term and lower rate combined should save me about $300 a month, which will go a long way toward getting caught back up on other bills.

Next I need to get my Twins post-season tickets mailed back in as doing so should pay for a season ticket for next year. I've got a line on an aisle seat, upper club, about row 5, I think. Just need to get things bundled up and mailed.

Worked out an initial outline for the screenplay. I like it so far as has a short beginning, three extended sequences for the middle and a denouement. I also have a bit of information about the main character put down and some background info on the setting. I need to work on the villain more as it currently shows up only as goons. Not very satisfying, even if the goons come in two flavors.

Had dinner with daedala. Finally got my car's tags taken care of (almost a month late), now just need to get them stuck on. Ran over to Beth's house after on an errand for Rachael and then back to her place drop off the goods and pick up stuff for doing a chapbook for Minicon this year.

Now, back to work!

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