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Lazy-ass weekend

So I never got out of the house all weekend. Some of that was due to Ericka having a cold and needing extra Peter-ness nearby to heal up comfortably. Mostly, though, I was a slug. I had Martial arts Movie Mayhem lined up in the DVD. I had a lineup of stupid creature-features burning onto the TiVo Saturday for watching Sunday. I had plenty of PB&J. I was going nowhere.

This was kinda cool, however, as I did get to watch the Martial arts Movie Mayhem, featuring the cool trio of Iron Money, Once Upon a Time in China III, and Jackie Chan, My Stunts. The latter was particularly cool for me. I ended up watching it twice in a row and going back over parts of it. Much of it is a nice how-to for doing Hong Kong style special effects on a budget.

I got all inspired and came up with an idea for a short screenplay by the end of it. I haven't written a story in that format before, so this might be a while in the making while I pick the brains of my friends Jeff and John. My idea is basically to take the "Jackie Chan" style of doing things on a budget and apply it to a Japanese-style ronin film's brutal depiction of martial arts in a near-future setting. (Some of this is also tempered by my friend David's problem with modern martial arts movies. David is a black-belt in aikido and knows that most of what he sees on the screen should be killing the people on the receiving end. I think using that level of realism would be an interesting twist on the action movie format.)

So I've worked on the screenplay in little bits since then. Dug out all my "Lone Wolf and Cub" comics and have been studying them for visual style. Seeing as the author thereof also produced the screenplays for the movies based on the comics, I might try to track those down as well. Finding translations from the Japanese is bound to be difficult, however. (Come to think of it, I should track down the Japanese-language versions of the "Lone Wolf and Cub" comics to get the complete story in visual form.)

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