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Well this peak went fairly well. I worked three 12-hour days (though I left early two of those). The standard procedure for the time seemed to be that I'd arrive at 9:00 p.m. and there'd be at least a rack full of work. Jobs lined up that were due from early the next morning through late the following afternoon. I'd sit down and start working through them. By the time our third shift temps showed up at midnight, we'd be down to about half as much work. About half-way through third shift, we'd be out of work.

My special assignment was no problem. There was rarely any work from New York to be done and most of that was doing a few edits and putting together the proof to be checked by NY customer service. So I ended up cranking through bunches of other jobs, taking the responsibility for doing edits and getting the job ready for proofing. This saved a step where a temp would do the edits, send it to proofreading to have them bless the fact that, indeed, a period had been removed or a number changed before the proof was created for customer service.

Also during this time since my last post I worked on a horrible regular job. We received a document as a Lotus 123 file (I was amazed someone still used it). It needed conversion and our normal system uses Microsoft tools. The customer service people couldn't even print it out so they told us to "follow data" not knowing that the document was pretty horrible to set up. As you'd expect from a spreadsheet, the thing was one big table.

So to get things going, the typesetting lead on second shift got the file printed out. Now we at least had hard copy to proofread against. Well, kinda. Some of the text in cells of the table overflowed their cells so we'd get half-lines on the top or bottom. The file was then imported into Excel. Unfortunately, data was lost in that translation. Our conversions people then ran it through their process. Unfortunately, a little bit more data was lost there.

So I had the joy of setting up files for this enormous document only to find it getting increasingly difficult. So I had to go in on Saturday to finish it up. I spent two full work days on getting it set up.

The nice thing was that on Monday, every manager I ran into went out of their way to thank me for the hard work. So I got noticed for sticking with a job that other people would have given up on and fobbed off on someone else. That was a good feeling.

Tonight I need to run over to a friend's house and pick up a tape of this week's Buffy episode. I missed it because I was an idiot and didn't pay my cable bill. They, of course, cut off service and picked Tuesday to do that. Grr. Well, I'm paid up now and, the same day i called up and refinanced my mortgage and home equity line of credit. Interest rates have fallen since last year so even though I'm financing about 25k more I end up saving nearly $300 a month in total payments. I'm back in a 30-year mortgage, but I'm OK with that for now. I think I'll look at doing bi-weekly payments to shorten the term but I'm also thinking that I'll eventually get into a better-paying job and be able to pay it off more quickly as well.

Well, time to feed the beasts, get dinner and go get that Buffy!

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