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Had interesting mix of dreams this morning. I should eat salsa more often before going to bed, given the cool dreams it seems to spawn.

It was a mix of "Planet of the Cats" in a "Planet of the Apes" kind of motif and some vague bits of some kind of Zen warrior thing that was surely inspired by watching "A Chinese Ghost Story" before going to bed (while eating said salsa). The Planet of the Cats bit was scary/amusing because cats could talk and would kill the humans if they treated them like housepets. But they also would kill cats if they acted like housepets. So it was this comedy of terror in which the cats would do cat-like things like pouncing on string or curling up on a lap, only to be hauled off by the kitty gestapo. The whole thing started with them learning to speak and wanting to be equals with humans and then they had to be "more equal" because they'd been opressed for so long and then they took over but didn't want to back-slide so they had to regulate their own kind.

It ended with an underground of people and cats who wanted to just let things be things. Let inter-species relations be on a level where neither had to curb their impulses. At a meeting of such, a herd of deer including a few young bucks reached the point of sentience, broke into the meeting and started killing everyone. Apparently they had a lot of pent-up anger about being kept out of the garden and hunted.

Thee was a sci-fi thread of implants in brains and an escape from a compound along a cool set of train-like tracks with multiple exchanges like freeways and glowing light-balls of vehicles. Very spiffy to watch despite the "we're escaping and could be caught" emotion tied to it all.

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