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Nice pace of work tonight. All the work due on Saturday morning is well on its way to being complete and most of the work due Monday morning is all set up. I have a job in front of me now that's due at 8 p.m. Monday that I'll be breaking up to be worked by several folks. At least the people working over the weekend will have stuff to do.

Had an interesting job to work on last night. On the surface, it coulda sucked, as it was all material that had to be manually entered. Once you got going, though, it was interesting. It was reports from what appears to be a class-action lawsuit against a cardiologist and/or the hospital he works at. Seems this fellow was particularly aggressive in suggesting surgical remedies for heart conditions and that in at least some of them there was no need for it and in many cases, surgery was not at all indicated. On particular case involved a man identified only as "P1" being told he needed bypass surgery, going to a pair of other doctors (a cardiologist and a cardiovascular surgeon) who said, basically, "Dude, you don't need heart surgery." When the hospital was told of this they said, "Hey, you need heart surgery, I'd recommend it for my dad or brother. Besides, this guy's done 35,000 of these." So P1 goes to two other cardiologists who said, "Dude, really, you don't need heart surgery." One of them even mentioned that he'd been an active cardiologist for 25 years and had done maybe eight or nine thousands such procedures.

Second opinion, here I come.

Meant to get down to World Fantasy this evening, but opted for sleeping through chunks of a movie. Watched a particularly bad one yesterday that was part of SciFi's Halloween "Fright Night" marathon. It was called "Horrorvision." I could explain what passed for the plot of the movie in 10 minutes. This would highlight all the action that took place in the 90-minute movie. Long, long montages of travel scenes with music playing. Driving around some city. Driving out to the middle of some desert. The big payoff? All but one character dies and he has a list of people that might save the world, maybe not. A waste of electrons, man.

Tomorrow I'm hooking up with new friends from Seattle who are in for World Fantasy to show them about the town some. Then I have a wedding reception to attend. Sunday has the CD release party for The Tim Malloys at 1st Avenue. That'll be a blast.

I think I'll cut out of work early. I've got some extra time in this week so the paycheck shouldn't suffer. Plus next week is peak and looks like we'll get some overtime from that.

Well, back to work.

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