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Long, busy, fun night

We had dogs yesterday, so I didn't get as much sleep as usual. Something about a big, yellow shepherd/lab mix leaping on your bed and rolling about on the quilt with you that prevents sleeping. It's a happy thing, though, so I don't mind. Once he settles down, he's a great sleeping companion. And his sheltie companion does a good job of keeping one's feet warm.

Wednesday was the day Ctein and I scheduled to hang out during his visit. We ended up tooling down to the Mall of America and neeping at Mac stuff in the Apple Store. I had to get my iPod checked out as it wasn't charging for meat home. (Of course, as soon as the "genius" plugged it in, it fired up.) Also got the developer tools installed on my iBook so I can work on the AppleScript application I want to write for Ericka to do library stuff. Also thinking about doing one to organize and track all the LJ posts I read and follow. The latter will take some more gestating, though.

After the Apple Store, Ctein and I wandered upstairs to see if there was a movie playing that we wanted to see. There wasn't. I was up for Punch Drunk Love, but Ctein was dubious about Adam Sandler's acting abilities. So we wandered around looking at restaurants and finding that most seemed to be more theme than food oriented. We ended up having a lovely dinner at the Twin Cities Grill. Ctein had a cup of their lovely corn chowder with smoked chicken and wild rice. Gave me a taste and yes, very good. We also had their shitake mushroom flatbread. Very tasty in a light, appetizer kinda way. I had garlic chicken for an entree while Ctein went with the walleye fish fry. The chicken was marinated very well in garlic and rosemary so it was aromatic and tasty. Accompanied by the house mashed potatoes, it was very satisfying. Ctein found the walleye to be done similarly to a good tempura but his baked potato was ordinary.

Our conversation wandered pleasantly and soon I was ready to head home and fall into a food-induced coma. My body decided that all that goodness really needed digestion far more than I needed consciousness so blood diverted and I got home in time to take a nice nap and catch West Wing before heading into work.

We were busy all night at work. At one point we had seven jobs on our board and a few others being worked by individuals. We haven't had this much work in quite a while so it was a lovely change of pace. Would like to have three jobs big enough for the board a night, really, with some smaller ones scattered about, but we're not complaining about working. There's a quarterly peak coming up next week so we figure this is a bit of a warm-up for that. Should be exciting.

Now I'll headed home fairly quickly to get in some sleep and then be heading over to my buddy Bob's house this evening for some gaming before work. Have to get some gas in there somewhere and my writing muse is knocking about in the back of my head a bit, so we'll see how much sleep actually happens.

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