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Weekend update

Much fun had on Saturday night hanging with friends until the wee hours of the morning. Sunday was given over to rehydrating and watching many movies. I kinda liked the SciFi channel's "Saintsinner" based on a Clive Barker tale. Also rewatched "Stigmata" which aired on SciFi. Then had the trifecta of Netflix DVDs to take up my evening: "Pushing Tin," a black comedy that never really got there for me; "3000 Miles to Graceland," a kind of anti-buddy film in which we're supposed to identify with the "good" bad guy (Kurt Russell) but in which none of the characters are sympathetic or consistant; and "Once Upon A Time In China II," the best of the lot and quite a decent film on its own. At least as good as its predecessor and once I got enough clues from the subtitles that I associated "White Lotus sect fighters" with "Boxer rebellion" it was even historically interesting.

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