Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Talk about the weather....

It's a Minnesotan thing to talk about the weather. It provides a comfy area to direct the conversation if it should stray to areas best not talked about. Indeed, much of the ballyhooed "Minnesota Nice" is probably simply due to having this default conversation topic. Someone suggests that they think it's great that W got in the White House rather than that Gore schmuck? "That's nice. Hot enough for ya?"

This little social tangent arrives in my head because it's snowing. They say we'll get between six and eight inches by morning and we probably have about an inch already. This will, of course, make my commute home that much longer today. But it is also threatening to throw a damper on my planned excursion this weekend with friends. We were going to head up to my buddy Bob's cabin, hang out and play a wargame all weekend. Now we might just end up at his house. Good, because we'll be assured of getting all the players. Not so good because we'll still be in town, reachable by phone, distracted by the day-to-day lives we all have.

So I'm hoping there's a break in the weather. That it stops snowing tomorrow morning and starts up again tomorrow night. Then it can snow all it wants. If we get snowed in, we'll have no way to call anyone to plow us out and will just have to stay there 'til Spring. We'll have a good selection of movies on tape and DVD, a big ham to provision us, enough liquor to keep us lubricated for days, and great friends to enjoy the time.

Large weather we're having, isn't it?
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