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Well, the interview went OK, I think. The hiring manager seemed friendly and we chatted about the job market and the economic downturn a bit. Was good to hear that they are doing better now than they were when things were booming. The position is a new one that is being created to deal with the volume of work that's coming through. The office is across the river from the airport and just off a bike trail. Once light rail is in place I could bike downtown, ride the train to the airport and bike to work.

I zipped of an email thank-you note. Some suggest following up with a written note, but the manager and I exchanged a couple of emails to set up the interview and it's an internet company, for crying out loud. So I'll forego that bit of things.

She said they would let me know one way or the other in a couple of weeks. If I don't hear anything in two-and-a-half, I'll check in again.

Ctein arrived last night for his stay through World Fantasy. Always a pleasure to have him around and I got to show off the picture he took of Brandy to co-workers last night. Catherine Crockett arrived today and will also be staying through World Fantasy. Quite the houseful. Should be fun though; I need to arrange a dinner with folks visiting from Seattle and some other activities but it all looks fun so far!

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