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I've been spending a lot of time at work tonight looking up information on interviewing tips and on the company I'll be interviewing with. Exchanged email with the hiring manager and I'll be interviewing tomorrow at 4:30 p.m. Given that I applied two days ago, this indicates to me that they want to hire for the position quickly and that they were sufficiently impressed with my resume. So I feel confident going in.

I'm debating whether to do with a turtleneck or a tie. I'll probably end up ironing a shirt and doing a tie. I've got a nice tie with a circuit-board pattern that looks just professional and geeky enough at the same time. Should trim up my beard a bit as well. A little shaggy exudes some UNIX-geek cred (of which I have little, really) and gives me an automatic question to ask the interviewer: "Does my appearance match the impression my resume gave you? Is this a problem?"

Research into the company shows that they started here in town in 1996. So they've survived the dotcom crash and are still expanding. This bodes well, as far as I can tell. I like their business model (or what I can see of it from their web site): partner with local TV stations to build an integrated channel of information which advertisers will see as valuable. Drive viewers to the web and web visitors to the TV with supporting content, increasing traffic both ways and thus ad revenue. There's another good question for the interview: "How has the recent economy, and specifically the dotcom crash, affected your business?"

Interview tips are welcome. I'll be reading email and such before I head off to the interview tomorrow. Off to MapQuest the route now.

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