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Busy weekend, busy night

Much socializing over the weekend. A nice party for my friend Jim who's getting married the first weekend in November. Not your typical bachelor party, if there is such a thing. Just a bunch of guys hanging out, eating, drinking, playing board games and then poker into the late night.

I did very well at poker, likely because many of the other participants were a) drunk and b) not very good poker players. I also enjoyed myself. Finally stumbled home around 4 a.m.

Sunday involved much watching of movies. Both decent and horrid. The high point was probably "Nomads" starring Pierce Brosnan. Interesting concept that I think suffered because of the narrative technique of telling the story as a psychic flash back. Some interesting ideas, though and ones I think would do decently well in a more traditional narrative structure. The low point was probably "DNA." It looked like a made-for-cable "Predator" rip-off in which our hero took on the roles of both the cool native guide and Arnold's character. Toss in a love interest/CIA physician and a sidekick kid and you round out the good guys (most of whom survive far too long).

The shocker was when Ericka returned from her errands. One of them was getting the dog groomed (as she'd become kind of a mess with the snow fall making the back yard muddy). Well the groomer thought that the mud would be difficult to get out of her long, fluffy coat and asked if it'd be OK if some of her belly and behind fur was shaved if it was a problem. Ericka said yes and went off on other errands. Apparently, a different groomer got the instructions and thought we wanted the whole dog shaved and so went ahead and did that. Our poor pup used to be a husky-like fluffy dog and is not more Akita-looking in her coat length. Short and bristly all over except her tail and head. She looks a fright, but seems happy enough. I think she enjoys getting scratched more now as your fingers can really get down into her skin. It will all grow back, of course, but she'll look silly for a few months.

Late Sunday night, I got a writing bug. I think daedala's posting about her stories helped spark it, as did watching all the movies that I did on Sunday. An idea for at least a novel dug its way out of my unconscious and is bopping around some now. I've got a broad idea of events and sketches of some major characters. A couple I have fuller mental images of now than when those sketches got down, so they'll be updated when I get off work. I'll probably also get more of the plot outlined and work on some in-character dialog to help cement these people in my mind.

And we're busy at work tonight. Seems that laying off folks got rid of those that used to do the work so now we're picking up the slack. Can't complain, really, as it's nice to be busy. More work hitting the board now, as a matter of fact. Back to it!

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