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Coming down

Well, the buzz has worn off; but I only have three hours of work left. The amount of work to do has dropped off considerably as most of what's in now is due on Monday. The general tendency on Fridays is to leave the Monday-due stuff for the people working the weekend. (Not a lot of in-house or ASAP work on weekends so people working weekends tend to get terminally bored. It's nice to have something to do.)

I sent in my mortgage payment today, only a couple of weeks late. I kick myself for missing this payment, not only for the late fee (which is fairly reasonable, all things considered) but because it is a sign that I've been letting things go far to long. Have to sit down with Ericka tomorrow and work out budget things. That'll be stressful for both of us. Her because it'll kick in all of her "not enough" fears and me because it'll kick in all my "protect the women-folk" responses.

Still, it'll be best to have it out of the way and we'll hopefully have a good approach for getting all the bills paid and putting aside a nice chunk to save up for fun stuff. I would like, for example, to take Ericka on a trip out to my aunt and uncle's in Olympia. She and they would enjoy it, I'm sure, and I always like visiting them. That'll take a good deal of planning, particularly as it'll be a road trip (Ericka doesn't fly and we'd want to have the van around in any case.)

So the plan is:

  • Add up all the income.
  • Add up all the bills.
  • Take what's left and divvy it up into savings and fun things.

And then I've got a bachelor party to go to. Should be a full day.

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