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Pre-work fun

Stopped in to see the boys (i.e., Tramps and Hawkers) at O'Donovan's pub before work this evening. Caught their first set and part of their second and had a couple of pints. Many Irish bar standards with a crowd that grew through the early evening and was quite fun. Good friends there including minnehahaB, daedala and a late appearance by pegkerr as well as Geri and Jeff.

Fun thing was that, after the first set, the bassist and keyboardist from the Violent Femmes said "hi" to the band in the crowd. Seems they were hanging out drinking before catching their plane to the next gig in St. Louis. So the keyboardist bummed a penny whistle and joined them for a couple of traditional songs (Whiskey in the Jar and Irish Rover) at the beginning of the second set.

A high for the band as Kurt (and I thought David, but maybe not) is from Milwaukee and they will occasionally burst into a Femmes tune as the night wears on. Was fun for those of us that know them as well.

Had two jobs dropped on me as soon as I got to work. The first was screwed up in that the three pages that needed edits ended up being from three different jobs so the proper process needed to be followed to get them done. The second I'm waiting for a call from our customer service people to see if what appears to be markup indicating a global change actually is. Thus, the time to post this.

Something about a couple of pints that makes a long night of work look much more attractive. At least at the beginning of it.

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