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Job front

Got taken aside and had a new job thing explained to me at work this evening.

We have another peak coming up in mid-November. This will be my unofficial one-year anniversary with the company as it was the November peak during which I started as a temp.

We're doing some different things this peak, some good ideas have percolated through and should make a positive difference. One of them is that we'll have one person each shift (me on third) who will have primary responsibility for coordinating our work with customer service in New York.

That office has been slow to move to our Word-centered method of quickly producing HTML documents for electronic filings. They produce the majority of our ASCII work, something that the SEC if phasing out. So this will be a test of how well their demand can be met by our relatively new process. It will also give me some high visibility to that part of the organization and let me use my prioritizing and project management skills. I'll likely also have to use my crisis resolution skills as some amount of crisis (real or manufactured) will occur during the peak.

I'm kinda excited by the prospect and think it'll be stressful but fun. Here's hoping I can make a positive impression.

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