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Midnight musings

Long past time to get the finances in order. I've not paid a few bills this last month and people are starting to call. Not good and not at all like the me of the last few years. Of course, there was that whole having a good-paying job that got me into the lazy habit of having enough to pay the bills and then some without worrying about it.

A rocking chair in my living room got moved a while ago so that it blocked the front door. Talk about your bad Feng Shui! I moved it downstairs today and immediately felt better, like getting more done. This disturbs me a bit as part of my Feng Shui thinking about my house is that the back door is our energetically "front" door as most traffic comes through that door. If it our front door is truly the "front" everything's all backwards....

I need to take my car in for routine maintenance. Biking this summer got it all off schedule but it would be good to get oil changed and other fluids topped off before winter hits with vengeance. I worry, however, that a routine check will turn up any of a number of little things that could also be fixed, making a larger financial burden out of it all. Better to get the regular stuff taken care of and cross the other bridge if it should rise in our path.

A hundred and some messages on a mailing list about the semi-pro zine of fiction published by the local SF club. Part of me wants to jump in and "rescue" the zine, by volunteering to help with the publishing. I don't that's healthy for me, the current editor or the club. Another part is amazed at how a fairly simple decision gets turned into a teapot tempest. The issue is charged by the emotions of many involved so it's likely that some will get hurt no matter how it turns out. (Even if it is only by themselves.)

Well, ASAP work coming in so I better get to it.

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