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Heartbreaking loss

The Twins bullpen self-destructed in the bottom of the 7th to turn a 2-run lead into an 8-run deficit. The beginning of the end was the 0-2 pitch that become the third home run for Angels second baseman Kennedy, making it a 1-run lead for the Angels. I kept saying "It's only one run," "It's only three runs." By the time I was up to "It's only eight runs," I'd about lost hope. When Torii Hunter and A.J. Pyrzinski were taken out of the game it felt like the Twins had lost hope too.

Still, a good season for the Twins and I'll be excited to watch them next year. The tickets I have for the last two games of the ALCS and the four world series games will make a nice deposit on season tickets for next year.

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