Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Things I was thinking yesterday

Thoughts I had yesterday. If you follow me on Twitter, you've probably already seen these.

Much snow already and it's still coming down. Dogs went out for morning constitutional and came back well-dusted. Very pretty and quiet.

Woke at 5:30, shoveled back step. Woke again at 9:00, couldn't tell. Have shoveled the first foot+ off the sidewalk. More to come.

Two shovelings later, I cannot tell the current back step from its original condition. I give up. Time for today's third nap.

Dogs are out back barking at neighbor trying to dig out his car. Hope he appreciates the encouragement.

Finished third shoveling of the back step, second of the front walk. I think these will take. For a couple hours, anyway.


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