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Baseball, training, slippery slope

So the Twins lost the second game of the division series. Got kinda pounded, actually. Joe Mays got hit pretty hard early and Tony Fiore appeared to lose his composure and give up a bunch of runs in his relief appearance. There was also the problem the Twins have had all season long hitting left-handed pitchers.

I'm happy to see them coming home with a split. If they can win both games here, they'll take the series and move on. While the A's have one of their best pitchers (and a left-hander) going on Friday, the Twins will have Rick Reed, who is also capable of shutting down teams. I expect a pitcher's duel and hope the Twins can manufacture a run or two.

Tonight, at work, I was in a training class billed as an "HTML refresher." Basically running over quickly how we produce HTML from our typesetting system. Six hours today, probably as long tomorrow. Haven't learned anything new that appears to be a big deal. Some fixes for obscure problems that I haven't encountered in over 9 months of preparing these documents, but that's about it.

Also got asked by my lead today if I would want to reduce my hours. I replied, "no," of course, to which she responded that it'll probably be made mandatory. A cost-saving measure. Bah. This is worse than layoffs as far as I'm concerned; keep me on the payroll, but don't give me enough to make a living? That makes no sense. Layoff some other guy and I'll pick up the slack, if things are that slow.

Or, here's a novel idea, cut all training class schedules in half. While I'm in favor of training, the amount of time and production put into them is excessive to the amount of content provided. Make training condense the material to deliver it in less time.

I also think the head of our division should be releasing some information about what he's doing to bring in more business. Saying "the market's down," doesn't cut it for me. If he doesn't have a strategy to provide a stable base of business that will help us weather cyclic down-turns, what good is he?

Time to write e-mail to the manager. Probably hold off sending it until tomorrow, lest I let emotion run on too much. But I'm here until 8:00 so I may get it off today yet.

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