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Experiments in morale

We'll get to see if the "bullshit make-work" vs. "layoff" effect on employee morale is what others suggested it might be. Just got out of a meeting announcing that there's been layoffs in our division due to decreasing revenue. I made the, I think, good suggestion that we look at doing printing for state and federal governments if we don't already. Get the GPO to outsource and we'd have a nice chunk of steady revenue that wouldn't be cyclical. Another employee asked whether our executives were taking pay cuts given that our pay raises were limited and these cuts were made. They have apparently give up their bonuses.

I'm not worried about my job. Just got that stellar review and we've only just got back to being full staffed. So there's two new guys that would likely go before I did and I think it unlikely that there will be more layoffs anytime soon.

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