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'Burbs and Baseball

Went to the Suburbs concert on Monday night with my friend, Jim. He was old enough to be right in the middle of the Suburbs popularity and I came to the cities for college right near the end of their run. We were both right about the average age of the crowd. Probably more 30-somethings in First Ave. that night than they've seen in months. Most of the folks I saw who I would normally expect to see there had "STAFF" shirts on. Very oddly different from things like the St. Patrick's day show.

Tuesday night I watched the Twins recover from a rocky, shaky, awful start to beat the A's 7 to 5. I'll have to adjust my Tivo tomorrow to add an additional hour to the recording time. Had an extra 30 minutes today but didn't get to see the 9th inning anyway. Very much looking forward to having them come back to the Dome with at least a split in Oakland. I hope they won't need all five games to beat Oakland. (And that reminds me, I really need to call my brother tomorrow to see if he wants to go to the game on Friday.)

Work is semi-busy tonight, so it's going along nicely. I had a major file to prep for others to work on that took me a couple of hours so the night's going quickly. Good thing too, as I didn't sleep well and will be dragging by the time the night's through.

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