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Baseball weekend

The Twins played day games Saturday and Sunday, so my days got ate up with baseball and sleeping. I've finally got back on schedule after a good, long snooze this afternoon. Both games were great and in both games Bobby Kielty hit a home run in the bottom of the eighth inning to put the Twins in the lead to win.

Now I can look forward to the playoff games. I need to check with people to see who wants to go. I feel obligated to my brother to take him; he got me tickets for the 1987 World Series games. I would also like to go to the game with him, so that works out. I'll have to give him a call tomorrow. I'd like to take my friend Don and my friend Bob to a game at some point, we'll see how their schedules fit.

It's good to have many friends to go to games with. Tomorrow I'm going to the Suburbs concert with my friend Jim. That'll be a hoot.

Tonight I'm going to take one last turn through the big chapter on the book I'm editing and send it all off to the author. This'll be the big "honest" email I posted about a while ago, but I think it'll come off as less harsh. I've identified the main way in which his work sucks, so I can be specific about what I'd like changed rather than just saying "this sucks." I plan to copy the company president and the line developer so they can understand why this has taken me so long. I also adopted the technique of specially marking the pieces that I've added completely on my own, rather than having modified from the original. I'm hoping this will show how much work I've actually been doing on this book as well as demonstrating what I'd like more of to the author. I'm hopeful that it will work out and result in a better finished piece.

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