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Missing days

Of late, I've been sleeping extra and so I feel like I'm missing some days. Today, for example, I asked my sweetie to make sure I was up by 5:00 so I could meet laurel and kaustin at the Metrodome for the evening's Twins game at 5:30. I awoke at about 5:20 and hustled buns down there. (Not my sweetie's fault. I could have also set an alarm and she keeps a pretty busy schedule as it is.)

It was a good game. Guzman got an infield single on a beautiful bunt (putting him back in Laurel's good graces, a thing I'm sure he lost sleep over). Koskie hit a home-run to put the Twins up 3-1. Eddie Guardado got a save, ending the game very early. Laurel and Kevin were occasionally cute in the next seats over and Laurel was mostly a good sport about being teased about the possibility of appearing on the "Kiss Cam" between innings.

Work is busy tonight, a rarity for a Friday. During my review yesterday, my manager said the bean counters expect us to be slow for another couple of quarters. I hope the recent trend of business means they are wrong.

Also during my review we talked about my desire to move into a more leadership role. Today, my manager talked to me about taking a turn in the lead role of the proofreading part of the job. (They rotate the lead duties in that group.) I said I'd be interested. She also talked about getting off of third shift and the need for a manager if that should happen. I indicated that I'd be interested in that as well.

So there may be opportunity here as well as something to keep the bill collectors off my backs. I'm still sending out the odd resume here or there as I find jobs that fit my skills and/or interests.

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