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Sitting in the seats of the Metrodome for 12 innings is not conducive to good back care. Even if David Ortiz hits a home run to win the game.

On top of that, I had two big, ugly jobs at work. The last of which I finished my part of about 15 minutes ago. It involved keying in a big table of data for which we only had a bad fax copy with teeny-tiny printing. So I've got a crick in my back from leaning over to squint at the type and try to figure out what was meant. Enlarging the fax on the copier helped a bit, but didn't prevent the squinting.

Time to do the twisty-bendy thing with the back....

There. That got most of the vertebrae back where they belong. A good night's sleep will help out too.

More Twins tomorrow and every day until Sunday. Woo hoo! The last couple of games it seems that while all the position players got time off in Chicago that a few of the pitchers could have used it too. Starting pitching has been OK (though Rick Reed got kinda shelled, including giving up two towering home-runs to Jim Thome) but relievers have given up leads and even let opponents have leads in later innings. Makes for tense baseball, but fun finishes when the Twins win.

Now to last out the final hour and a bit of work and get that much-needed sleep.

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