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Slow, chilly evening

I have baseball all this week to look forward to. Looking for folks to go with, so if you want to go to a game some evening this week, let me know.

Apart from that, it's slow here at work; far too typical. I've finagled getting next Monday off so I can work on getting tickets to see the Suburbs at 1st Avenue. I'll have to work the following Saturday, but I can handle that.

And it's chilly. Not only outside, where it was 60F at game-time (68 in the dome, 54 out now), but here in the office as well. I'll be putting on my jacket soon, and maybe my ball cap too.

In another vein of chilliness, it seems I'm being made out to be the bad guy in the event with Laura on Friday. The more I think about it, I think I did OK. Getting her to the authorities who can get her out of her situation on a permanent basis is a good thing. Lying to and hiding from the police are not good things and definitely not good lessons. If I had it to do over again, I think I'd do the same things (except maybe spending less time finding a place to eat).

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