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That fall feeling

It's getting darker early. There's a nip in the air. Plants are either nearly done with procreating or getting ready for winter. Haven't had to mow the lawn in weeks.

I generally like the Autumn season but this one's had a rough beginning for me. Work is still slow. Money's tight. The business with Laura hit me harder than I thought.

Fortunately, I've got the Twins tickets I picked up mid-Summer to give me focused activities and a reason to talk to my friends. Parties are in the offing (though I missed one already, dangit). And with it being less friendly outside, I'll have more incentive to work on my room downstairs that has sat neglected since I cleaned it out. (Having looked at it again, I can see I'll have to take the paneling out as well as the ceiling tiles. Water damage; which will likely mean mildew behind it that I'll want to get cleaned up.)

This season will zip by far to fast, I'm sure. By Thanksgiving, we're likely to be into Winter here and that'll last until March, at least. I'll have to make sure I've got fun things to do to make it last.

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