Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Random musings

Just some things I was thinking...

402 words this morning. Most ever! Woke with the next bit of the story thread bubbling from my subconscious. Excellent work, Fred!

I am the Just and Beneficent Ruler of the Universe and today is my birthday! By tradition, I'll be giving out presents all day.

First present: You come in all beautiful shapes, sizes and colors. So today, you will have no negative thoughts about your body. My second present for you on my birthday: picture of a happy dog. First course of sushi lunch.

Third my-birthday present for you: stop by *right now* and I'll share my birthday sushi with you!

Have obtained cake (plus vegan cupcake for visiting Philip). Will share shortly.

My-birthday gift
the next: flourless chocolate cake! There's not a lot so only a decadent bite for each of you.

Received a lovely birthday present, a Twins victory! Thanks, guys!

My-birthday gift the next is especially for my local friends: Lojo Russo at Merlin's Rest at 9:00! Be there or be octagonal!

Last-chance my-birthday present: Come to Merlin's Rest and I'll get you a pint!

Hanging with Lojo and friends. — at Merlin's Rest


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