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Forward motion

I've been cogitating lately a lot about the book I just finished reading, Radical Honesty. (As some of you have seen in my comments of late.) I like a lot of what the author has to say and am glad that, in the end, most of it is things that fit my general philosophy anyway. If anything, the book has been more of a kick in the pants to start living like I want to rather than a call to shift my attitude dramatically.

One thing that's come out of it is that I've stopped procrastinating the manuscript I've been editing for several months. I'm not working on it in big chunks, but I am working on it in bits and snatches every day now; making progress. The next step will be finishing a chapter and sending it off to the author with the note that, in my opinion, his work sucks and I have done what I can to make it passable but that it is no longer worth my effort to try and make him look good.

It's harsher than I would have been a month ago, but it is what I feel. If he wants to put in the effort to make it better (I'll also say in the note) I'll be happy to help. I'm tired of feeling bad about putting out a piece of junk to the point that I've avoided working on it.

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