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Friday pub crawlin'

Got a 30-minute warning from John as he came to pick me up to go downtown and hook up with our friend Ray for drinks and pub food for the evening. Just enough time to get dressed (in my "chicks dig scrawny pale guys" t-shirt) and get my hair combed and re-braided. We fought through traffic to get downtown a little too late for our first choice of place. (It was first choice because they have great, cheap food for happy hour.)

So we wandered down to a nice place in a nice hotel where John and I have gone for lunch before. We had drinks and some appetizers there. Ray's fiance joined us after a little while and one of her co-workers joined a bit after that. The co-worker's partner then showed up and we decided to look for a place were we could a) get food and b) sit outside.

We wandered up the street for several blocks, not finding the combination we wanted. So we had a quick drink in a little jazz club and then headed back to bar choice number one to catch that cheap food on a late happy hour.

At some point in that return journey a drama ensued with the co-worker and partner but I was having too good a time to notice. Ray's fiance got caught up in it, unfortunately, which put a downer on her otherwise nice day and evening. Before bar close, we all headed home, planning to get together on Sunday for another meal and the watching of Sopranos. Should be a nice time for my last night in Seattle.

I'm just hanging out today. No big plans though I seem to remember there being something going on tonight. I guess I'll find out more when people want me to participate. In the meantime, I'll just be surfing the net and working on the manuscript in little chunks.

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