Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges


You know.... It doesn't seem like a big thing, moving down the hall. The space is the same size, the same orientation. You'd think even trained monkeys could copy the set-up in the old place and duplicate it in the new one. Computer on the left, shelf on the right. Keyboard on the left, drawer on the right.

But no. My cube is now backward. So I'll be calling the Facilities folks to have them change things around. Apart from being annoying, the current set up is also bad Feng Shui. In this arrangement, my back is to the entrance to the cube. So, even now, I feel uneasy and every little noise has me looking over my shoulder to see if someone is sneaking up on me.

A co-worker informs me that the move to our new world HQ building will actually be happening sooner than expected. April, as it turns out. So I'm thinking I won't even unpack my one box for the two months I'll be in this space. Most of the material there is for reference anyway, so I likely won't need it in that period of time.
Tags: essentials, feng shui, idiocy, work

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