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After starting with a bit of trepidation, Wednesda worked out well. I scoped the bus schedule out on-line and made the trip from my gracious hosts' abode to Safeco Field without any great difficulty. I arrived quite early and so had some time to peruse the Mariner's team store. Plenty of what you'd expect from such a place and a couple of surprises. Women's caps in pink, for example. Also, on the Big Wall of Baseball Caps, they had caps from other teams. Oddly, they had more caps for the Cleveland Indians (with their ridiculous Chief Wampum mascot's face) than they had those of the Minnesota Twins. Weird, but I suppose being division champs last year gives them more recognition or something.

The field itself is tremendous and very much built with the fans of the game in mind. All the seats angle towards the infield, for example. Also, if you buy a cheap seat in the outfield bleachers you are welcome to wander around the back of the field-level seats where there is a kind of open-air market and plaza and, if you like, could watch the whole game standing behind home plate. You don't get a seat, obviously, but your view is the same as someone who's shelled out the big bucks for one.

Also, in the more "luxury" areas of the stadium, they have menus on the backs of the seats. If you get hungry, you just fill one out, hold it up and a waitron will come get your order and deliver your food. No more runs to the concessions stand if you've paid top dollar for good seats. (Also your ticket price includes a $5 tip fee for the waitrons so they don't get stiffed by people who think they've paid quite enough, thank you.) There have been times I've waited what seemed like forever in the stands at the Metrodome for the kind of vendor I want to come by. (Once watched 10 beer guys go by before a soda guy went by. Never see a Mike's Hard Lemonade vendor in the upper deck.) A service like this would be great as, once I'm at a game, I want to watch the game, not spend time in a concession line.

The Safeco tour takes you through the luxury suites, the press box, the visitor's clubhouse and down on the field. You are welcome to wander from dugout to dugout, you just can't go on the grass. Several people had their picture taken in the Mariner's dugout. There's a mark on the bench where Ichiro, the darling of the Mariner's team, sits. I was kinda bummed that I couldn't walk out to the pitcher's mound. Well, they were watering as it was so I would have just gotten wet doing it. One souvenir I picked up is a line-up card that was tacked to the bulletin board in the Mariners' dugout. It was left over from the Twins/Mariners game of September 4, 2002. I thought it was kinda cool that a line-up card from my home team happened to be there and also thought that laurel would really like it. So I asked the tour guide and he kindly took it down and gave it to me.

Wednesday evening, my friend John and I headed out to the home of a mutual friend for drinks and movies. This is one of the many friends I have out here who work for Microsoft. His job, as near as I can tell, is some kind of muckity-muck in charge of coming up with new ideas. He's also a gamer and generally cool guy. I think he and Rev are the tallest gamers I know so hanging out with them is a bit like cruising around with a basketball team.

We ended up watching a Spanish film that translated to ""The Commonwealth" about an apartment building full of weirdos out to get a dead man's lottery millions. Very funny movie and good friends, an enjoyable evening.

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