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One annoyance in vacation-ville

So I needed a dial-up internet access here at the home of my friends. So I tried Earthlink but couldn't get it to connect correctly from this number (could dial to Minneapols, OK but don't want to do long distance calls on top of everything). So next I tried AOL. Easy connection, local call, 1000 free hours the first month (41 and 2/3 days, so even if I stay on line all the time I'm on vaction, it should be no problem) and the net access I need goes through just fine. i can get my email, I can post and read livejournal.

But, my lord, the spam. Less than 24 hours after signing up I received my first invitation to view a porn site.

More annoying is the frequent Instant Messages I receive. Yesterday I would accept these from users like jenscampics233 and JoinMe4SuMFuN69 and find the expected links to more porn. Today I've been refusing them. If anything, this refusal seems to have galvinated the spammers and more of them arrive all the time.

Well, I'm glad I'll not be using this service long. Sheesh

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