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More vacation, life is good

Monday was a day of complete vegging. I slept until late, showered and walked over to the local grocery store to pick up supplies for the next couple of days. I got a loaf of sesame bread, a chunk of salty/bitter Spanish cheese, a few apples, some pesto, some pickles and a bottle of wine. I felt very continental planning this out.

Tuesday has been a tad more active, even if I have yet to leave the house. I have discovered that tours of Safeco Field occur daily at 10:30, 12:30 and 2:30 on days when there are not games scheduled (which is all of them during my trip). Also, that the Seattle Art Museum is open until 8:30 or 9:00 (I forget the specifics) on Thursdays. So the plan at this point is to attempt the afternoon tour of Safeco Field tomorrow and to do the museum on Thursday. As for the rest of this evening, I dunno. I have seen my hosts briefly today but have not discussed activities. They all have work to do and such, some of them even hold down jobs, of all things.

Added to the schedule late will be dinner and movies at a mutual friends'. I haven't been to his place before so it'll be cool to see that. I'll try to get to the 2:30 Safeco tour Wednesday (better get more sleep then) and then be back for dinner and such. Rev, ktynes's little boy, has made plans to go to the Seattle Art Museum with me on Thursday so that should be a cool centerpiece to that day.

Got some work done on the gaming manuscript today. Working on the description of a covenant of wizards in the Alps in a.d. 1220. Had to reconcile some conflicts in the manuscript but think I have a good handle on it now. Will hopefully finish this chunk and mail a couple of pieces back to the author when I return from vacation. I hope he'll like what I've done with the work but don't hold out any great hope of that. Us authors are pretty egotistical about what we write, probably more so the less of it we've done. (And this is this guy's first book.)

Finished off the cheese and apples today. Have a bit of wine left, some bread and a bit of pesto. Probably should make another run to the store. Am feeling a bit peckish, though, so maybe I'll just finish off what I have and leave shopping for tomorrow after dinner.

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