Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Random musings

Just some things I was thinking...

Sent out my first team notice of working at home! Will be hitting the local grindstone tomorrow through Wednesday (apart from weekend).

RT @gowalla: We just released a new featured Gowalla spot in Minnesota: Thx, @theJBRU!

My iPhone #homescreen

(Seeing if some social apps earn their place. So far, @gowalla is a winner!)

Zen Box for lunch again today. Cheap, tasty, and filling! (Who said you could only get two?)

Was just very useful in a quick meeting with a co-worker. I love being useful!

Bass players! Green it up with upright bass made from a cardboard box: Reminds me of cigar-box guitars.

Another email from Sony Pictures, in spite of repeated attempts to unsubscribe. Argh! #sonyspams

Getting to bed after watching Heroes premiere. (TiVo of G4 replay as it conflicted w/ baseball Monday.) hoping to sleep in before doc appt.


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