Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Random musings

Just some things I was thinking...

Friend Computer says something the regime wishes was true: RT @AlphaComplex #iranelection has been redacted and is now considered Unhistory.

Making another attempt to remove my email from a Sony Pictures advertising list. Wow am I sorry I ever signed up. #sonyspams

Sony privacy policy states, "you can always opt out of future marketing messages" yet I still get their mail. #sonyspams

If you use Twitter's web interface, you may like Brizzly better. The first 10 people to use this code can try it.

Taking a break from making chunks of HTML valid to grab some lunch. Think I'll hit Zen Box today, for a change of pace.

Walk a pinch hitter, will you White Sox? Well, he'll just have to score on a throwing error. Suck it!

Twins playing some excellent baseball! Keep it up!

Jesus. I don't remember A.J. being such a whiny bitch when he played for the Twins.


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