Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Random musings

Just some things I was thinking...

Awesome start to a Friday! Building management providing free fruit, yogurt, coffee and juice. Employer providing free bagels, as usual. Ya!

My friend Geri Sullivan is one of the best designers of print materials that I know. Web site: She's a joy to work with.

Tweaked my twitter profile page. More monochromatic. I'm toying with the idea of customizing a background....

I am forced to obey... RT: @jefftidball: @theJBRU PUNCH YOURSELF, HENTGES! DO IT!

Simultaneously solving problems of unemployment and poverty among Native American communities and our energy needs:

I see a PB&J in my future. Crunchy w/strawberry preserves, like nature intended.


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