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Bad Peter, get out of town!

I've mis-used a friend and feel really bad about it. John Stanley, whom some of you know, went out of his way to help me out by finding a fix for my broken Tivo modem while I was at the Winnipeg Folk Festival. He loaned me a piece of equipment he uses for his work with the understanding that I'd find a more permanent solution and return it. It's been two months now, as he tersely let me know in email, and still I have his box. So I'm staying up this morning until Radio Shack opens so I can find a replacement that will allow my Tivo to keep working with an external modem.

I feel bad about letting this slide and more so because I've done it to John, who is a dear, sweet man. I've driven him to being testy with me which is probably enough to have made a less-gentle soul into an enemy. I know he'll forgive me in time but I feel like a heel.

I wonder, absently, why I let this happen. I'm very good at procrastinating but typically don't let my inactivity hurt other people. Hmm. I wonder if that's true or if they just don't tell me. I'll have to pay more attention to double-check my behavior.

I'll be winging my way to Seattle in just a couple of days. Some time away from home should give me some time to reflect and I also hope to get some good reading time. Fun time with friends should also be good for me. It's usually renewing for me and I look forward to seeing what my friends are working on.

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