Peter Hentges (jbru) wrote,
Peter Hentges

Random Musings

  • 02:06 Ibuprofen worked. Woke from dream about election that swung even more left! Ericka's insulin pump needed a new cartridge. Back to dreams. #
  • 08:47 @pegkerr Indeed, why do you not have a rock in your purse? #
  • 12:28 @chasejarvis I have all my pets chipped, so thanks for getting the stray checked! #
  • 14:11 I am a regexing, replace-alling bad-ass today! #
  • 14:15 @radparker My regex kung fu is weak, but I use what little I know to great effect today. Simply " +" finding much cruft in HTML files. #
  • 16:53 Home. Going to try for a little nap to catch up on sleep. #
  • 21:58 @pegkerr Rock, plastic roach … all makes sense to me. :) #
  • 22:07 @duckydoo Hurrah for modern medicine! #
  • 22:09 Watching the Twins on TiVo. Hoping my creeping sleepiness will lead to good sleep for the first night this week. #

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