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Scotch at 6 a.m.

Just one of the things that would seem weird if I wasn't working third shift.

Getting jazzed about my trip to Seattle. I leave on Saturday, not even a week away now. I return on the next Monday through another interesting benefit of working third shift. I get to take the red-eye out of Seattle, get home, go to bed, get a full night's sleep and still get to work on Monday "morning."

I discovered recently that there's a session at an Irish pub in Seattle on Sunday nights. Now I have to debate whether or not to take my bodhran. On the minus side there's that I don't have a case for it and am not real sure how I'd pack it. Also that I'd likely only use it for the one night with maybe practice in and around.

I also need to check on my iPod with the Apple Store before leaving. Would be a bummer to spend that much time on planes without decent tunes. Also will have to decide if I'll pick up an iBook in order to work on projects and writing while I'm away (and also when I'm back).

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