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Ponderings in the middle of the night

Now that I've got space for me cleared out in the basement, I'll have the first real space of my own in my life. A place that isn't shared unless I want it to be and that will be re-made into mine when whomever I share it with goes away. It seems a bit selfish, over-stepping.

Still, I wonder what it is I want now that I've got all this space to put it in. I have a few visions of things but not a complete picture.

I want a space to work. To write. To envision. To imagine. A place to not be disturbed by normal house activities where I can dedicate time to projects without other responsibilities (outside of emergencies, of course).

I want a space to relax, reflect, reconnect. A place to practice my eclectic spirituality. A place to better define what that is.

I want a place to entertain. Somewhere I can take someone to be alone with or to take a group. Not to detach from my current relationship but to build others in conjunction with it. Find friends that'll support me as much as I do them making us all the stronger for the connections.

Maybe I'll work on the room a bit tomorrow. I want to take down the broken ceiling tiles, cart them out wholesale. There's also the closets to open up. I don't want things to store nor place to store them, so the closet space can likely be made better use of. I'll want to get a coat of paint on the place eventually; it's all covered in panelling now and something brighter would be good. I have some light fixtures in mind that I'll likely have to make; might find something at a Pier 1 or some such place.

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