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Good for the soul

Slept and slept and slept today. It was good to catch up after having lack yesterday. Woke up a couple of times (due to dogs or human occupants) but fell back asleep. I only regret that I was late to an appointment I'd made but that worked out well, all in all, as all the errands got done and I got to work in plenty of time.

Part of said appointment was dinner at a nice little Indian restaurant in uptown. Very nice place and we got there at just the right time. As our meal progressed, more and more folk came in and filled the place up. An hour later and we'd have been out of luck, I expect. Very nice lamb vindaloo with a variety plate of appetizers. The vindaloo had an interesting fruity/citrusy flavor that may have been due to dried mango powder. Very tasty.

Baseball will continue this season. The parties came to an agreement at very nearly the last minute, just a few hours before the day's first game was to start. A multi-year agreement it includes a ban on elimination of teams for several years (until 2007), something that is good news for Twins fans.

Friends of ours are having a teen-ager. A young woman of their relation is coming to stay with them and this means and Ericka and I will be acting as back-up responsible people on occasion. When I heard this news, something clicked in my head and I dug out a Feng Shui book. Sure enough, in the room I cleared out in the basement (to allow new things to come into my life), there was a mirror (symbolically doubling) in the "Family/Community" area of the room. Not that I'm opposed, mind you, but I had other things in mind; I took the mirror down today.

These things have fed my soul today. What has enriched yours?

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