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Evening of fun into night of bore

Attended tonight's game between the Twins and Mariners with B of minnehaha. A decent game, and one which the Twins won, so that's good. Some sloppy fielding by the Mariners. There shortstop got one error and I think should have been charged with two. Their left fielder dropped a ball when trying to throw it, allowing a single to become a double but was not charged with an error.

The Twins, on the other hand, were their usual darling selves in the field. They turned three double plays and made their usual ration of great grabs. Torii Hunter and Jacque Jones both hit home runs and A.J. Pierzynski went two for four with a triple and a RBI. Eddie Guardado picked up this 37th save.

Got home in plenty of time to let the dog out, grab a sandwich, make sure Ericka had everything she needed for the night and head out to work. Stopped at a convenience store and picked up some M&Ms for the evening, figuring it would be slow, based on last night.

I am not disappointed in this, alas. Six jobs with due times from 08:00 to 17:00 tomorrow, all assigned to other typesetters before I arrived. No work to do, no work in the offing. My manager suggested to the typesetting lead that tonight might be a good time to start walking groups...split us up into two groups to go have a walk for 20 minutes in the middle of the night. (Not a bad plan, overall, but a further symptom of the slowness of work.)

Ah, well, I'll keep up here and poke around the net a bit. Gotta check on a few things here and there anyway so that'll be good to do. Have some email to send as well so I'll get that done. Makes me wish I'd brought a book, though.

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